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White Lies~ Band

White Lies
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Community dedicated to the English alternative rock band, White Lies.
→ Welcome
Welcome to whiteliesband, a brand new community dedicated to the rock band, White Lies. We aim to bring you all their latest news, so feel free to join us to discuss about it! Don't hesitate to also post news, reviews, photos and videos. Graphics are always welcomed.

→ Rules
1. This is a fan community, no bashing of the band and its members. And no bashing of members of this community either.
2. Don't use shinny and large font sizes in your posts. Keep it default to facilitate our reading.

3. Use a lj-cut when posting big images (over 500px) or long articles. Though, always put a preview in your posts.
4. Tag your entries with our existing tags.
5. Preview for graphic posts should consist of three White Lies icons and/or two banners/wallpapers.
→ Affiliates
If you want to affiliate with the community, comment here.

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→ Credits
The layout was created by milou_veronica and the profile by frostbomb. blinkan3y3 made the layout header and the profile banner.

If you have any questions, concerns, complains or if you just want to promote your community, please contact one of your mods, blinkan3y3 or ur_attention.

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