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White Lies returns to Xfm's Winter Wonderland

Tommy tweeted it this morning (here's a capture of the tweet):

It's a return to Xfm's Winter Wonderland for White Lies, who last played in 2008. Drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown told Xfm the venue means a lot to them:

"It's the biggest in London that we used to go to as teenagers. We also played a couple of nights at Brixton at the end of the UK tour for the first album last year in December and that was an amazing thing to do. It felt like a big achievement - it's a huge huge venue."

"Now I think we're confident in it. The first time we played it was part of Winter Wonderland a couple of years ago and it was terrifying and now we've come back and done it ourselves I feel like we definitely fel a bit more at home there now."

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