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New album set to be released January 17

Hi there! Long time no see. Sorry for the lack of updates (by the way, it's blinkan3y3 under a new username). I kinda went on a long hiatus, leaving wildpages alone to take care of whiteliesband. Kudos to her because it wasn't an easy task.

Anyway, I'm just gonna give you some new information if you don't already know:

White Lies has announced on their MySpace they will release their new album Ritual January 17th.


Is Love
Bigger Than Us
Peace & Quiet
Holy Ghost
Turn The Bells
The Power & The Glory
Bad Love
Come Down

You can find a description of each song on The-Fly.

Head over YouTube if you want to hear some of their new songs (if you haven't been to one of their concert lately), there's a lot of live performances of the new songs.

Also, wildpages and I will try to give a fresh look to this community. You may see the layout change over the week to come. *crosses fingers* You can always find us over fywhitelies on Tumblr.

You see around. ♥
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